Escuela Parasanitaria Vigo, Coruña, Pontevedra, Santiago

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European Healt Related School

(Escuela Europea Parasanitaria)

Coruña, Pontevedra, Santiago, Vigo, Tenerife (Spain), Oporto, Lisbon, Portimao (Portugal), Berlin (Germany) , Shandong (China), La Paz, Cochabamba (Bolivia), Chiang Mai (Tailandia), Brusubi (Gambia) and London (England)

20 Good reasons to join our educational institution

1. Duration

You will need only between 6 and 24 months to be ready for a new profession and employment.


2. Registration

Simple, easy, inmediate and without delay. Inmediate registration.


3. Teaching Staff

Our teachers are highly professionalized and they are experts on the different areas, besides having a wide experience on teaching. Our instructors, who are continuously on a retraining process, will offer you a 100% personal attention, they will address you by your name and they will be there for you to consult them whenever and about whatever you need 24 hours a day.


4. Methodology

All our courses have been part of a totally contrasted pedagogical process giving as a result an easier and more simple subject to understand and to assimilate. Our methodology which has been repeatedly awarded, is guaranteed by the continued improvements and the internal and external supervision.


5. Departments at your service

You will have at your disposal all kind of departments for the educational and administrative services, employment agency, training agency, teaching staff library, secretariat, student services, IT, study support, labour consultancy, legal consultancy, …

6. Study programme

We are part of a big Educational Institution with a wide variety of professions divided by areas. The students can attend in person, online or distance. More than 600 courses, masters, postgraduates, and also more than 500 professionals at your service form the core of the training and educational offer of the conglomerate Grupo GET. Our centres are all submitted to the international quality standards and they are designed made to measure by experts on educational methodology. The professional career of this conglomerate for the education, publishing and educational resources is guaranteed by more than 12 year of career and more than 5000 students.

7. Employment Agency

We have a specialized department which will give you any support and will focus from the beginning on your education for you to achieve the right instruction which will fit with your future career. Besides, all of our students receive vocational guidance for free. Our courses are exclusively designed for taking place in an immediate labour life and for the professionalization of the student. We work for and because of that.

8. Philosophy

We will teach you the profession that you have chosen and we will prepare you to be ready to execute it in a competent and extremely professional way and in all its areas. You will learn the theory in order to put it into practice, and you will practice the theory in order to control both disciplines. Our courses have more classrooms hours than usual, besides being at your disposal 24 hours for solving your questions. This is our slogan: We professionalize the profession training professionals.

Our teaching staff is formed by distinguished teachers. The only way to reach this status is to sacrifice studying, having passion, humility and respect for the profession. These are the principles which are guiding us in our eagerness of training the future professional.

9. Course prizes

The course prizes are really reduced considering the subventions received. During 2005 more than 60,000 euros have been given for grants and subventions. In our centre, we are betting not only for the natural therapies, but also for you as a future professional. That is why we continue keeping the contracts with the Spanish Ministry of Equality, signed on 2007 during the European year of equal opportunities keeping the grants and subventions.

We offer you grants and subventions for the unemployed, large family…

We also have financial plans made to measure at no additional cost. We have always kept the criterion of having reasonable prices without renouncing a perfect quality.

10. Employment options

Your employment options will be really good thanks to our Department of  Voluntary Training developed in companies related to your future profession and a Department of Employment promotion, thanks also to the contracts that our educational entity keeps with a wide variety of companies; nevertheless, the student can look by himself/herself for a closer company or just one he likes more and it will be always covered by our insurance. The great value of our teachers will open you the doors to a professional future given that their career and contacts are often a guarantee.

11. Opening hours

We will always be at your service from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 19.30, and on Fridays from 9.30 to 15. Out this schedule you will be able to send us an e-mail, fax or leave us a message in our answering machine and we guarantee that it will be seeing immediately the next working day. We offer 5 different lines for you to contact us and also a free chat online.

12. High labour market insertion

The high labour market insertion and the professional improvement of our students is one of the best reasons we can give you to register the course of your interest.

Currently, that our experts use some companies to know the real needs of the market to train later in that way their students, and many of these companies employ later an important quantity of our alumni knowing that their training has focused on the professionalization of the area/s. ESPS invests from its start the 7% in the free labour and professional promotion of its students.

13. Companies services

Companies can take profit of our free service employment consultancy and our educational entity in order to find the professionals they need. We also offer them a wide range of advantages and free services for them to be able to keep trusting our students and alumni.

14. Successful educational Institution

We offer the maximum quality in all our programmes and a continuous update provided by our professionals in the natural therapies area and others…An online education system completely checked. More than 25,000 students in different countries and modalities have been trained by this system. We have implemented a quality system in order to obtain the quality certification given by Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), the Quality Assurance System based on the norm UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000. In addition, the Training Quality Agency CF has granted all our academies with its quality seal for considering them worthy of it. ALL OUR ACADEMIES are supported by the conglomerate Grupo GET, which is one of the most sound and successful conglomerates in the field of Training and New technologies mainly all around Spain, Europe and South America. Our education offer is guaranteed by the European Foundation for Alternative Medicine.

15. It will be valued on a positive way by the companies to have taken your courses in our educational institution.

We receive every day the companies request to look between our students for applicants for the training as much as to employ them. The most important reason is how they trust us as an Institution, due to our educational rigor, the quality of our courses and the pedagogic staff area who teach them.

The second reason is because a student who has been taught in our Institution is considered by the market as a professional highly qualified to develop his/her career in a successful way. This is due to the high level of demand, quality, information and training that the student receives in all the areas of the sector

16. Leaders on educational innovation

We do not stop investing in technology for equipping the pedagogic and human investigation installations; always in order to satisfy our students and the future students who have chosen and will choose us as the Educational and Professional Specialized Institution. As a matter of fact, we are able to have an innovative system constantly updated and agile prepared for the present and future needs of our thousands of students.  We place at their disposal the new technologies to guarantee a complete support 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our bet for new technologies in 2005 took us to be the first centre on having a virtual campus.

17. Didactic Equipment

Our students will have the most advanced didactic equipment  which include some pedagogic and methodological actions of a contrasted quality. Furthermore they will have at their service the non-stop online virtual campus. The latter is as much successful and easy that currently it is the one used by virtually the 100% of the national and international universities.

18. Social Work

Our company is firmly betting by the society and the environment, in fact both are some of the most important worries for our institution. As a matter of fact important efforts go every year to this and some of the measures taken have already been mentioned and granted with recognition prizes, in spite of not intending it. Nowadays is clearly a remarkable target for our company to achieve being more and more ecological and socially sustainable. Our entity covers and supports NGO’s and several similar institutions. The most remarkable among them are the following:

1. Kallawayas: Kallawayas without borders ( KASFRO). The Kallawaya Culture and Medicine has been declared by UNESCO as Masterpiece of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Humanity.

2. INBOMETRAKA: The bolivar institute pioneering in promoting, advising and coordinating the scientific research of the native flora natural resources used in the traditional medicine. The oldest Traditional Medicine Research Institute in Latin America, (1987-2009)

3. Orphanage Pokara: Orphanage in Nepal

4. Cultivant Vida: NGO cultivating Artemio in Gambia to fight against the malaria. Our institution supports the building of water wells and it gives educational support to collaborate in the creation of new uses of the artemis and other medicinal plants in order to spread the sustainable use of the naturopathy and acupuncture among those who need it the most.

5. Students exchange with Gambia: Our centre will collaborate completely free of charge with other educational institution by means of a student exchange programme to spread the natural therapies. The said centre already has a similar programme with the prestigious University of Ohio (EE.UU) but this one is not focused on natural therapies.

6. Fundación SEUR: Seur Foundation, we collect in our centres the known bottle tops and we take them to the collaborating city halls in order to recycle them with solidarity aims.

7. European Foundation for Alternative Medicine: The Foundation aims contributing the academic and university education of the Alternative Medicines professionals, creating an equivalence committee formed by qualified professionals and teachers, in charge of controlling each case separately the situation of those people who currently practice their activity and diploma as well as their current level for them to be able to access the same regime has been recognized and classified by Ministerial Order of March 4, 1999 and registered in the Register of Faculty and Research Foundations, appearing with No. MAD-1-3-583 Madrid on March 16, 1999.

8. ASPAP: Animal protection society. They work with houses for animals as there are not shelters for it.

19. Because of our commitment with the profession.

Our studies centre considers vital giving information in order to avoid mistakes or arbitrary criteria which can damage socially the education given in the centre.

For us, the better way to defend our profession is to improve our social recognition through the positive examples, the responsibility and scientific rigor, the continuous updating on new technologies and the capacity to plan events for free, in order to inform and raise awareness. Civil liability insurance are available at the best price in the market for our students; but they have also the possibility to be part of a cooperative, a professional association of the sector, a labour consultancy, a free legal consultancy…but especially and primarily, we put at the disposal of the future professional the complete current legislation in force in order to avoid misinterpretations or captious comments, which, unfortunately, there are plenty of.

20. Because of our free services for the students: Student Promotion Plan.

Professional web and domain .com, .es, .net…1000 free  visiting cards, 1 free course for each course studied in order to improve the possibilities of employment, free publicity of his/her clinic of office in specialized webs in natural therapies, news publications and events on online media, professional advise for the profession practice, languages courses applied to your profession, Diplomas made in English, free employment agency or a future company and training agency, free courses granted by the Spanish Tripartite Foundation for the employment education, free attendance to lectures and conferences, trips, workshops, congress, retake classes and missed seminars. WE INVEST THE 7% ON LABOUR PROMOTION FOR OUR STUDENTS.